Bank Equipment in Gainesville, FL

Ralph Hamilton, Hamilton Lock & Safe’s founder, was previously a bank equipment technician. Our shop is proud to offer some of the best bank equipment in Gainesville, Tioga, Alachua County, West Hills, and Arredondo, FL.
Is your bank or pharmacy looking to get new drive-thru equipment? We sell that. What about alarms for late at night? We carry those, too. We also can install the equipment we sell to provide you with less stress and better service. As with our other services, we offer 24-hour emergency response to our clients. We also offer training and consulting. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Security and access control: Looking to make certain areas of your business more restricted? Security and access control technology does just that.
  • Vaults and under-counter equipment: Need a secure device to store your bank’s extra cash? We’ve got that for you.
  • Alarm and closed-circuit television (CCTV) security cameras: CCTV cameras are a common type of alarm system that’s used to protect businesses from crime. These systems will also provide your bank with secure protection.
  • Drive-thru equipment: Looking for drive-thru equipment near Gainesville, Florida? We’re your top shop for a wide range of critical items.
  • Cash dispensers: We understand the importance to both banks and guests of having a safe, secure experience. Our products will help all parties involved have just that.

Your bank, pharmacy or other business is home to a high amount of money and other valuables. Having secure equipment at your ATMs, drive-thrus and other aspects of your business will keep your property and employees safe.
It’s possible that your security needs may be different for many reasons. Luckily, we have a large supply of bank equipment and security systems to keep your bank or other business safe. We travel up to 60 miles from our headquarters in Gainesville for commercial business. Contact us at 352-332-7233 today for a free estimate on locksmith services.

Bank Equipment