Alarm Systems in Gainesville, FL

In 2001, our business functions at Hamilton Lock & Safe expanded from just locksmith services to include electronic security systems. We’ve provided many businesses with CCTV systems near Gainesville, Tioga, Alachua County, West Hills, and Arredondo, FL and surrounding areas.

Electronic Security Services

You never know when something may happen to your business. Having alarm systems of any sort is a great way to minimize the potential damage that could happen. From alarms to security cameras, our wide selection of electronic security devices will help keep your business and its employees safe. If you’re looking for alarm systems near Gainesville, Florida, here’s just some of what we offer:

  • Alarm and closed-circuit television (CCTV) security cameras: CCTV systems and cameras are a common type of security system that’s used to protect against crime. They are also used in homes for clear monitoring of the entire premises.
  • Security and access control systems: Looking to make certain areas of your business more restricted? Security and access control systems technology does just that.
  • Emergency exit alarms: Necessary for emergencies (hence their name), our emergency exit alarms will alert those in the building that an emergency is occurring if the exit is used.
  • Burglar alarms: If someone tries to enter your business while it’s locked, these alarms can be triggered. Many potential burglars are scared away when the alarm goes off, but many burglar alarms also trigger a police response. This reduces (or potentially eliminates) the potential damage that could be done in a potential robbery.
  • Door closers: Some people have a habit of leaving the door open. Our door closers prevent that from happening, keeping your business safer.

Alarm Systems



CCTV Systems

We are also now offering the following products for both smart homes and smart businesses:

  • Bluetooth/WiFi Burglary Alarms
  • GPS and Vehicle Tracking
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Landscape Lighting

Regardless of the size of your business, you want to keep it safe. Our wide selection of electronic safety devices ensures that your business’ security needs are met. We are your top stop for access control systems near Gainesville, Florida. We travel up to 60 miles from our headquarters in Gainesville for commercial business. Contact us at 352-332-7233 today for a free estimate on services and bank equipment from Hamilton Lock & Safe.